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From Bias to Balance, Gender and Diversity from a New Perspective

The Pendulum Effect served as the official podcast of the Canadian Association for Equality until 2011

“The Pendulum Effect” is the first program to deal with equalism issues – in particular gender issues – from a new and often opposing perspective. We bring you interviews with leading professionals in the broad domain of men’s issues and men’s rights, including journalists, authors, scientists, lawyers, doctors, activists and others, as we explore health, violence, safety, crime and punishment, the workplace, the media, legal biases, fathers’ rights and family issues, boys’ rights and abuse issues, academic misandry, and lots more.

Starting with gender issues, our long-term aim is to add a new perspective to areas of broad societal concern, like multiculturalism and diversity, group vs. individual rights, and the current culture of victimization and entitlement, by exploring how society deals with a diverse selection of groups.

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