Dr. Ferrel Christensen is a member of Equitable Child Maintenance and Access Society (http://ecmas.org/) and author of the book Pornography: The Other Side, who filed a a defamation lawsuit against the National Post (whose editor-in-chief at the time was Kenneth Whyte) and CanWest Global Communications for untrue allegations made against him in an article entitled “Scandal Taints Fathers’ Rights Group” published April 17, 2001. Christensen eventually received a written retraction that exonerated him and the organization against claims of supporting pedophilia.

During the investigation it came to light the ways in which fathers are treated with sexism and contempt by the justice system and the media as they attempt to organize with supporters to fight for their equal parenting rights against a divorce industry that has little concern for the best interests of children or families.

In this interview Justin Trottier speaks with Kristin Titus, past National Coordinator of Fathers For Justice Canada about the specifics of this case and the fight for equal parenting.

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