Odyssey for Equality in Education

Episode 18


I have served as a member of the School Council at Holy Family Catholic School in Beaverton, Ontario for the past four years. During that time I have worked with the administration, parents and teachers to develop plans to help children who are underachieving. Most of these, of course, are boys.

Recently I met with the principal, vice-principal and other members of the school council to discuss both the work I am doing to help young boys to achieve to the maximum of their potential and my Odyssey for Equality. As a result, they will be distributing the packages that I have developed for parents of pre-school boys. They will also have me speak to these parents at a parents’ evening in September. This will be done in conjunction with several other schools in Durham region.

There are now four schools that will be working with the parents of pre-school boys to make use of what the educational research tells us about what we can do to raise the boys’ reading readiness level before they arrive at school. This should result in long term gains for these boys. This is the goal of the Odyssey for Equality.

The members of the School Council offered me their best wishes and support for success on my Odyssey for Equality.

Dr. James S Brown