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CAFE in the Press

The Province, Calgary Herald, Vancouver Sun, etc (July 20, 2016)
Canadian suicides prompt look at men’s roles in a changing world 

The Province (June 26, 2016)
Rob Whitley: Men need different help for mental-health woes

Vancouver 24 hours (June 26, 2016)
Duel: Men railroaded by court system

Sun newspapers across Canada (June 24, 2016)
Men also suffer from domestic abuse

National Post (April 14, 2016)
Christie Blatchford: Are Canadians really so fragile that we need safe spaces?

Edmonton Journal (April 1, 2016)
Edmontonians call for men to be included in inquiry into missing and murdered indigenous women

Globe and Mail Ryerson men’s issues group says students’ union shutting out male voices

National Post Robyn Urback: Why, exactly, is it OK to discriminate against men’s groups on campus?

National Post Column by Barbara Kay: Anti-male ignorance on parade at the CBC

Maclean’s The new bogeyman on Canadian campuses


CAFE Director Justin Trottier appears on John Oakley Show discussing Jian Ghomeshi and rape culture
Tuesday, Nov 4 at 9:10am CAFE Director Justin Trottier joined host John Oakley on AM640 to discuss the larger implications of the controversy swirling around Jian Ghomeshi. In particular, he offered remarks regarding the culture of privilege, in which those in positions of power – both men and women – will sometimes take advantage of the opportunity for personal gain. In addition, Trottier was asked about “rape culture” on campus and responded by denouncing all acts of violence and harassment, then pointing out that we are also concerned by a culture which stifles legitimate debate about complex issues regarding sexual behaviour, which embarks upon witch hunts before investigations can occur, and which lets off those who maliciously lie or make false accusations.

We must strike a better balance between ensuring the safety of victims or of the workplace or campus environment, and ensuring justice to the accused and others who may be swept up in the ensuing public paranoia that often makes it difficult to find the truth.

globalHey Sexy! Global TV News 5:30PM, October 29, 2014 segment on Cat Calling with Our Spokesperson
Watch here at 21:30 mark
Canadian Centre for Men and Families Director Justin Trottier discusses street harassment. He advocates both men and women experience unwanted attention and both must learn empowerment and communication skills to improve the health of our communities. Before watching, read the article and watch the video that went viral


jerry-agarOur guest speaker Lynne MacDonell talks sexual exploitation of men with host Jerry Agar on the Sun News Network Friday, October 10 at 3:50PM. Watch here


CAFE sponsored event Men’s Issues Awareness Around The World: From Russia to Canada, A Global Comparison was a great success but it attracted a small group of disruptors, requiring us to change our location.

Robyn Urback wrote a great column in the National Post: Protesters fail to shut down men’s issues lecture, celebrate anyway

Then CAFE’s Geoff Stone was on Straight Talk with Pat Bolland to discuss

Additionally, Michael Coren interviewed Robyn Urback  on The Arena:</div>


sharpformen-com1Sharp Magazine feature piece The War on Men, featuring interviews with CAFE Board members Adam McPhee and Dan Perrins





Robyn Urback: If this is the new women’s movement, it’s no wonder girls don’t want to call themselves ‘feminists’
Barbara Kay: University campuses are bastions of censorship
Edward Kruk: Equal shared parenting — best for parents, best for children

queensMen’s Issues Awareness event sparks controversy



fulcrumEditorial: Men’s Rights Conflict Achieved Nothing
Men’s Rights Event Disrupted by Protest
Fulcrum Live: What’s Equality Got To Do With It?


Students concerned after Victoria Park assault



Globe-and-Mail-logoMARGARET WENTE: Margaret Wente: David Gilmour an agent of the patriarchy? Oh please


CAFE Advisor Ruben Avila on the Adrienne Batra show on Sun TV in response to the Munk Debate and  the Time Magazine article (Hanna Rosin’s “Men Are Obsolete: Five reasons we are definitely witnessing the end of men”) Check it out

thearena_640x359Mens issues not welcome on Canadian campuses
Sun News Network, The Arena, with Michael Coren featuring an interview with our advisor Janice Fiamengo


Studio Brule interview with our latest speaker, Dr. Miles Groth + event coverage





Are men’s centers essential for college campuses?

CIUTlogo_medCIUT Radio’s Being There
Monday, October 14, 2013, 6-7pm EST
Interview with CAFE Board member Adam McPhee


brewCritics question men’s rights group’s motive in fundraising for male-friendly space


frontpageVoices of Reason About the Gender Wars



Rigid Campus Feminism: Is It Forever? Minding the Campus, September 24, 2013





Re: Media Advisory – Legislation Needed to Ensure Equal Protection for Male Victims of Serious Crime (Nicole Doucet case)

John Bolton Show. Select July 31, 10. am,  then skip ahead to 10.33

Press related to the Campaign to Establish the Canadian Association for Equality is available here

Good-MenThe Good Men Project kindly invited our spokesperson Iain Dwyer to defend the significance of men’s issues programs at university campuses: Waging Peace in the Battle of the Campus



 citytvThe Inside Story: Men’s rights group causes controversy at U of T


the-huffington-post-canadaMen’s Rights Movement Sees Resurgence Among Millennial Males


Good-MenThe Good Men Project:  Why Do Men Need Male-Only Groups on Campus?
At universities around the world, men’s groups are banned



CAFE Calls for Taskforce on Violence Against Young Males after GTA Deaths (CHCH Square Off Feb 21, 2013)

In the lead up to our event “What’s Wrong With Women’s Studies?: Academic Feminism, Censorship and Men,” our guest English Professor Janice Fiamengo was interview on Beyond the Mic with Mike Bullard. 

Beyond The Mic Podcast -Seamus O’Reagan for Mike Bullard Feb 27, 2013- Part 1

Beyond The Mic Podcast -Seamus O’Reagan for Mike Bullard Feb 27, 2013-Part2


The Source, Sun TV – Ryerson Equality Association prohibited by Ryerson Student Union

nationalpostMarginalized and on the defensive, university conservatives forced to grow tougher


Why womens studies needs an extreme makeover

A men’s rights advocate spoke at the University of TorontoThe fire alarm went off, but free speech prevailed

Photos from U of T men’s rights lecture: A few placards, a full house and a long line to speak


RSU wears the pants





Women’s and Men’s Issues Heats Up 

Face Off: Men’s and Women’s Issues
thearena_640x359Warren Farrell on The Arena with Michael Coren, Sun TV
Watch the Interview








Sun News, Michael Coren Column: Shrill backlash to men’s rights advocate




Do Women Have an Edge in the Workplace?






FrontPage Magazine:  Yearning for the Days of Protest



Dr. Warren Farrell event: “Boys to Men: Transforming the Boys Crisis into Our Sons’ Opportunities

National Post U of T protesters decry U.S. author as ‘rape culture defender’
Sat Nov 17 2012 Page: A15, Section: Toronto , Byline: Sarah Boesveld

A protest decrying a U.S. author as a “rape culture defender” broke out at the University of Toronto Friday evening, delaying the guest’s scheduled talk and resulting in one arrest and release on scene for trespassing. Warren Farrell, pictured, author of best-seller The Myth of Male Power, was at the university to speak on issues facing North American boys, but couldn’t take the stage until police broke up a gathering of approximately 50 protesters, who blocked the doors outside and chanted their opposition. The U of T Students Against Sexism, who organized the rally and advertised it at Ryerson University and beyond, said “There is a backlash against equality and the women’s movement by “men’s issues” groups that blame women, manipulate men, and ignore poverty, racism, ableism, homophobia and transphobia,” in its rally notice.

City TV interviewed Dr. Farrell at a public school earlier in the day, then covered the event. Their report aired Friday, Nov 16, 11:30pm ET  “…with police. cops eventually got everyone to move on. they did detain one person, though. their target was dr. Warren Farrell, author of the myth of male power. he claims boys are disadvantaged than girls with much higher rates of suicide…”

Sun Television’s David Menzies interviews Dr. Farrell

























Jim Richards Show, AM1010, aired Wednesday, November 14, 2012, 1:37pm ET


CJAD Montreal Radio Tommy Schnurmacher Show




The Ryersonian: Video, live blog and coverage of event






Arrest, assaults overshadow “men’s issues” lecture



Protest against Warren Farrell Talk at University of Toronto – Friday November 16 2012



Protesting Warren Farrell at University of Toronto


Other coverage by:











Christy Clark’s sex appeal problem: Lacking support from female voters, the B.C. premier hosts a women-only breakfast

The Canadian Association for Equality—a national “men’s issues” group—is equally miffed. “It’s very divisive to hold a women’s-only group,” says spokesperson Bradley Corbett. “If that happened to a woman it wouldn’t be acceptable.”

Listen to Canadian Association for Equality Spokesperson Bradley Corbett discuss our media advisory:  Violence in Fatherless Communities Calls for Family Law Reform: National Men’s Organization in the following 3 press hits

Tomorrow, Tuesday, July 31, 2012, 1:00pm ET

The Todd Veinotte Show” (News 95.7 Halifax, News 88.9 Saint John, News 91.9 Moncton)




Friday, July 27, 2012, 3:00pm ET

Jim Richards Show NewsTalk 1010 (AM1010, Toronto)






Thursday, July 26, 2012, 8:20pm ET

Ryan Price Show, CFAX 1070 (Victoria, BC)




The Grid, March 7, 2012, “Mama Bear”





Canadian Association for Equality’s Iain Dwyer on The Source with Ezra Levant on Sun TV, March 3, 2012


Iain Dwyer joins the Arlene Bynon Show on AM640, February 24, 2012, 6:10pm ET






The Ryersonian Podcast: this week’s gender wars

The Ryersonian, March 2, 2012, Event Sparks Debate about “Contempt for Men”


The DailyPlanet.com, February 17, 2012: Responding to feminist stereotypes of men



Toronto Star, Oct 19, 2011 Cribb: Men are the new underclass



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