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Cassie Jaye
Filmmaker, The Red PillCassie Jaye began her documentary filmmaking career in 2008 as a young feminist after spending several disappointing years in Hollywood being typecast as an actress with all of the negative associations which came with that role. The first two feature films which she produced focused on issues of gender and sexuality, and both were award-winning films. In 2013 she began work on The Red Pill movie highlighting the serious issues facing boys and men . Released in 2016, The Red Pill brought her both world-wide fame and notoriety, as well as more awards.  The film was controversial, but it provided an opening for a conversation about men and their roles and their rights, which has been long overdue. Since the release of The Red Pill, Cassie Jaye has been interviewed by media throughout the world and has become a much sought-after speaker.

Senator Anne Cools
Senator Anne cools is Canada’s first black Senator and was the longest serving Senator upon her retirement on August 12, 2018. She led a joint Senate/House of Commons committee, with MP and CAFE Advisory Fellow Roger Gallaway, aimed at including child custody laws. That committee recommended shared parenting in its landmark report For the Sake of the Children. As a social worker, Cools was a pioneer in the protection of women from domestic violence, running one of the first domestic violence shelters in Canada. During her career she came to be an equally enthusiastic – and courageous – voice for boys and men, championing fathers rights, shelters for abused men and proper procedures around sexual assault allegations.

Bettina Arndt
Australia’s first sex therapist and champion for men’s issues

Bettina Arndt, from Australia, is a psychologist by training. She began her career as a sex therapist and then became a social commentator on gender issues. She became alarmed at the increasing demonization of men and began focusing on men’s issues and the anti-male feminist agenda. She regularly posts YouTube videos, writes articles and commentaries, and makes media appearances on the topic. In the fall of 2018 she began a tour of Australian universities where she has been giving speeches exposing the fake rape crisis on university campuses. Bettina has written a number of books, the most recent of which is titled “#MenToo”

Marcus Jackson
Manager, Taylor House, a domestic violence shelter for men and children, in Batesville, Arkansas.

Marcus Jackson – Native of Memphis, Tennessee – Served in the US Army of Signal Corp for 7 years, with Honorable Discharge – Bachelors of Science Degree from Oral Roberts University, Tulsa Oklahoma 1999. Worked directly in various at Risk Programs for Youth and adults for over 20 years, in Tennessee, Oklahoma, and now Arkansas.  Worked as a Contract Worker/Manager of an 18 Pre-Release Prison Program within the Arkansas Department of Correction for up to 7 years (2014) – (InnerChange Freedom Initiative and Pathway To Freedom, Inc.). Currently manages a Domestic Violence Shelter for Men & Children (Taylor House) within Family Violence Prevention, Inc. Batesville, Arkansas since Nov. 2015.

Karen Straughan
Leading Canadian blogger and youtube personality GirlWritesWhat

Karen Straughan is a well-known anti-feminist and Men’s Rights activist. She has been creating and posting YouTube videos since 2011, originally under the name Girl Writes What. Self-educated, she has a good grasp of gender issues and history and is able to win debates against other, formally-educated, “experts”. Her YouTube channel has about 200,000 subscribers, and she is popular as a podcast and internet interviewee and as a guest speaker at public events.

Sue-Ann Levy
Toronto Sun Columnist

Sue-Ann Levy Is a Canadian journalist who has worked as a newspaper columnist, a radio panelist and guest, and as a panelist on cable news channels. Having been both physically and sexually assaulted, as well as living for several years as a closeted lesbian, she has devoted herself to social justice issues. As a journalist Levy has specialized in local politics, having covered Toronto City Hall for several years, and then the Ontario Provincial Legislature. She ran as a Conservative candidate, and came in second, in a 2009 by-election. She has written a memoir titled “Underdog: Confessions of a Right-Wing Gay Jewish Muckraker”.

James Brown
Author, Rescuing Our Underachieving Sons

James Brown is a retired Teacher, Principal and Superintendent of Education. He is the author of “Rescuing our Underachieving Sons: Raising the Aspirations of Underachieving Boys.”

Tandeep Sidhu

Research Coordinator, CAFE’s federal government funded project: Male Homelessness as a Consequence of Domestic Violence

David Shackleton

David Shackleton is a thinker and writer on gender and personal growth, and President of the Ottawa chapter of CAFE. He is the author of Daughters of Feminism: Women Supporting Men’s EqualityThe Hand That Rocks the World; An Inquiry Into Truth, Power and Gender, and before that was editor and publisher for 12 years of Canada’s magazine off men’s issues, “Everyman; A Men’s Journal.”

Tanis Moore
YouTube personality The Prim Reaper

Zoli Kertesz
Special Constable, Toronto Police Service

Justin Trottier
Founder and Executive Director, Canadian Association for Equality