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MOMENTUM 2021: The 2021 Canadian National Men’s Issues Conference

MOMENTUM 2021: The 2021 Canadian National Men’s Issues Conference, will be hosted virtually via Zoom video on Saturday, December 11, 2021. MOMENTUM provides a platform to address a range of critical issues and timely current events, while working together to chart a path forward, building on the tremendous progress that has been made.

This exciting event is being offered at an incredibly reduced price of only $20.21! Don’t miss this unique and affordable opportunity to hear from our group of international experts and meet with amazing activists from across the country.

Join us for an all-star packed event. Speaker information is available below. Biographical and presentation information will be updated regularly.

Shortly after registration, you will receive an email from Zoom with conference access information.

Naz Ghodrati
Male Victims Journey:
This presentation will highlight the impact of policy gaps for male victims across the board, including services in health, housing, social care and trauma recovery.

Naz Ghodrati, MBACP AIP, is currently Domestic Abuse Training and Coordination manager in a Greater Manchester (UK) Local Authority, where she has worked to incorporate first of their kind services for men in the UK. She is responsible for overseeing the implementation of policies, quality of learning, and the delivery of domestic abuse services by multiple service providers to meet the need of the survivors, the victims, and their families. Naz has worked in domestic abuse, drug and alcohol and rape and sexual violence services since 2002 in multiple roles and capacities. She is BACP registered therapist and a social policy scholar, interested and invested highlighting gaps in creating accessible services for groups and demographics, missing from mainstream government policies.

Paul Nathanson

Paul Nathanson, PhD, is a retired researcher in religious studies. He is interested personally and professionally in political ideologies of both the left and the right, such as an influential form of feminism, which function as “secular religions” in general and “secular fundamentalisms” in particular. With Katherine K. Young, he wrote a landmark series of four books from McGill-Queen’s University Press on ideological feminism and its cultivation of misandry for ideological and political purposes: Spreading Misandry: The Teaching of Contempt for Men in Popular Culture (2001); Legalizing Misandry: From Public Shame to Systemic Discrimination against Men (2006); Sanctifying Misandry: Goddess Ideology and the Fall of Man (2011); and Replacing Misandry: A Revolution History of Men (2015). What links all four volumes is a moral vision. The ultimate goal is inter-sexual dialogue, a form of interaction that relies on empathy (not competition) and leads to reconciliation (not the victory of one side over the other).

Robert Whitley

Men’s Issues and Men’s Mental Health Book Launch

Rob Whitley is an Associate Professor in the Department of Psychiatry, McGill University, and a Research Scientist at the Douglas Research Centre. He is also an Honorary Principal Fellow at the University of Melbourne, and has held honorary appointments at King’s College London, Dartmouth Medical School and Howard University. Whitley has published over 150 academic papers related to social and cultural psychiatry, and he is the author of a forthcoming book Men’s Issues and Men’s Mental Health, published by Springer. Whitley is also an experienced film maker, and is currently finalizing a short documentary about cannabis use among Canadian Veterans.

In this talk, Whitley will summarize the contents of his new book “Men’s Issues and Men’s Mental Health: An Introductory Primer” (Springer, 2021) which is devoted to various men’s issues including male suicide, substance use issues in men, ADHD in boys, low educational attainment in young men and the impact of divorce on men’s mental health. Unlike other academic approaches to this topic, Whitley examines the issues through a sympathetic lens, discussing the social determinants of men’s mental health and wider social context, as well as promising male friendly programs. In sum, Whitley proposes a new transdisciplinary public-health inspired approach to men’s mental health, moving the field beyond stale and hackneyed one-dimensional discussions of masculinity.

Courtney Gini

Police Constable, Community Partnerships & Engagement Unit, Toronto Police Service
FOCUS Toronto Co-Chair
Furthering Our Community by Uniting Services (FOCUS) is an innovative, collaborative risk driven approach to Community Safety and Wellbeing co-led by the City of Toronto, United Way Toronto and Toronto Police Service that aims to reduce risk, harm, crime, victimization and improve community resiliency and wellbeing. The model builds off of international best practices and lessons learned through the Community Crisis Response Program.

Alexandra Lysova

Alexandra Lysova
Assistant Professor of Criminology, Simon Fraser University. Her groundbreaking research on male victims of domestic violence is funded by the SSHRC and the Carnegie and Fulbright Foundations.

Alexandra Lysova, PhD is an assistant professor in the School of Criminology at Simon Fraser University in Canada. Her research focuses on intimate partner violence, male victims of partner violence, homicide, and cross-national patterns of crime. Her research has been supported by the Trudeau Foundation and Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council in Canada and by the international research foundations, including Fulbright foundation, Carnegie foundation, Humboldt foundation, U.S. Library of Congress, and Max Planck Institute Scholarship. Her recent publications appear in the Journal of Interpersonal Violence, Journal of Family Violence, Violence and Victims, European Journal of Criminology, Theoretical Criminology, and Handbook of European Homicide.

John robson
Title: Analyzing the 2021 Canadian Federal Election

John Robson is a documentary film-maker, a columnist with the National Post, and a professor at Augustine College. He holds a Ph.D in American history from the University of Texas at Austin.

George Piskor

Shared Parenting- Evaluating Myths and Stereotypes

Starting with an international overview of the prevalence of shared parenting, this presentation examines the historical arguments pro and con shared parenting.

George W. Piskor MASc, SM, LLM served as an officer in the Canadian Armed Forces and held management/executive positions in the telecom sector before founding a 50-person hi-tech management consultancy. He has been active in family law reform since 2005 having served as President of the Canadian Equal Parenting Council(CEPC) and co-founder of the UKFRM coalition; he currently serves on the Advisory Council of the National Parents Organization (NPO) and on the Board of the International Council of Shared Parenting (ICSP). His current research interests are shared parenting legislation and child support guidelines.