CAFE Public Statement – March 27, 2014

The Canadian Association for Equality is an educational organization aimed at fostering productive dialogue on critical social questions.We are extremely concerned for the health and well being of a Queen’s University student who has reportedly been assaulted on campus. We have contacted both Kingston police and campus security notifying them of our interest in providing whatever resources are necessary to guarantee the safety and security of all students on campus. We await any new information and updates on the matter.

All acts of violence undermine our shared goal of fostering meaningful conversation on some challenging but vital questions. A productive dialogue can only happen in a safe environment that is conducive to open exchange of vastly different perspectives. Therefore we stand in solidarity with any victim of violence, bullying or discrimination.

The attack on this young woman is an attack on all of us. The harassment and assaults that were committed by radical protesters against the “men’s issues” events at the University of Toronto over the last two years are also attack on all of us. These incidents are unacceptable and heinous.

We will do everything in our power to ensure that this incident, rather than driving a wedge between us, by polarizing extremist factions on both sides of the gender discourse, instead unite us in our shared commitment to equality, human rights and freedom of speech.

– Canadian Association for Equality