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Name: Richard Sharp

Report Your Concern: I was shocked and appalled yesterday in Shoppers Drug Mart to hear a promotion on their in-store speaker regarding their “Run For Women” campaign. This is designed to promote awareness and fundraise to support mental illness in women … and ONLY in women.

Apparently, Shoppers is under the impression that mental illness is gender specific. It either doesn’t affect men or (more likely in a culture that fully supports female sexism) it just doesn’t matter when it does. It’s another example of a clear message in the media saying “men don’t matter.”

Personally, I’ve sent a message back to Shoppers. Since they think so little of me, I won’t be thinking of them at all in the future. I’ve let them know I won’t be shopping there and I’ve had my ongoing prescriptions transferred to London Drugs. I’m hoping. once they become aware of this, that a lot of men will send them the same message. Blatant institutional female sexism like this will never stop unless we start speaking up.