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Single Dad Gets No Help: His Young Daughter Becomes Homeless
You’ll be amazed by these stories from our Video Appeal Part 2:
A man forced to plead guilty to assault with weapon despite being innocent
A woman witnesses male suicides and lack of shelters for men with children

Oliver, Sammy and Kristina need your support at this critical time.

Don’t waste this amazing opportunity. It’s time to build on our momentum.

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From Sex Abuse of Boys to a Family in Trouble: Watch our Video Appeal Part 1

Mark shares the pain of child sex abuse and the lack of men’s services. Carol fears her son will lose his child to a dangerous woman.
Mark and Carol are asking for your support at this critical time.

Against all odds and despite campaigns of misinformation, we successfully opened Canada’s first comprehensive “Men’s Centre” in late 2014.  But we need you to donate so we can keep this home for boys, men, fathers and families open in 2015.

Contact us at info@menandfamilies.org or 1-844-900-CCMF(2263).

“That’s why the city – and country – needs a men’s centre.”
– Rosemary Westwood, MetroNews, discusses her support for men’s health spaces

Read all about it:

National PostGlobe and Mail, CBC, CTVNewsAM640,
Huffington Post, Newstalk1010, Toronto StarQueen’s Journal


Then come out and celebrate with us on December 30th!
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Because of your support and hard work, 2014 has been a year of milestones:

  • Hosted public awareness events where hundreds have come out to discuss the crises of boys education, suicide, fatherhood and other critical topics
  • Opened the Canadian Centre for Men and Families. Dozens of men and women have already visited us seeking help
  • Brought your perspectives to an audience of thousands: Fixing family law (TVO), Violence against men (Global TV), Sexual abuse of boys (Sun)
  • Launched our inaugural event in Vancouver with cross-Canada plans
  • Became nation’s first registered educational charity with men’s issue focus


The Canadian Association for Equality has succeeded in its Campaign to Establish the Canadian Centre for Men and Families, Toronto’s first “Men’s Centre.”

The Centre will be open to the public as of Tuesday, September 2, 2014. We are planning a kick off celebration and open house with details to be announced.

The mission of the Canadian Centre for Men and Families #CanadianCMF is to establish a space in Toronto that will provide research, outreach and public education dedicated to men’s issues, and to operate a social service agency focused on workshops, support groups and counselling for boys, men, fathers and their families. We aim to create a better future for our sons and daughters through mutual understanding and compassion.

Read the Canadian Centre for Men and Families Action Plan

Follow our progress and read the Canadian Centre for Men and Families Status Updates

Support the Canadian Centre for Men and Families.
Please contact info@equalitycanada.com to help out with:

#1. Take a Shift at the Canadian Centre for Men and Families

The Canadian Centre for Men and Families has been built over the last few weeks by an amazing team of volunteers. We couldn’t have done it without all of you. As we prepare to open our doors in September, we are putting together a schedule with regular weekly volunteer shifts. In order to more effectively serve our community we need your help. Please be a part of something truly unique. Let us know if you are available for a regular shift at the Centre. Ideally this would mean a 4 hour/week commitment, but anything of a minimum 2 hours every other week would be helpful, provided you can commit to at least a 3 month period.

#2. Contributions

Amazingly we have built the Centre entirely with your donation of furniture, equipment, supplies and artwork. While we are almost done we do have a few final items that would be of tremendous use to our operations. Please let us know if you can donate these items or make a financial contribution to defray their cost:
Little Fridge: $150
Drill Set: $75
Plants: $50
Chairs (foldable): $20/chair up to 30 chairs
Men’s issues books: any amount
Kettle: $30
Lamp: $40
Magnetic dry erase whiteboard: $95
Wall hanging Calendar: $65
Long foldable tables for meetings: $75 each X 2 tables



Support the campaign today. Make a donation or join our organization



Please support our efforts to bring awareness to critical – but neglected – causes and issues! If you are donating to a particular fund (eg. Campus Outreach Campaign Fund) please email us to let us know where to direct your support)

There are additional options for making donations or joining. Please click here

Join our Founders Club: Spearheaded by an anonymous supporter who has donated $5,000, the Founder’s Club has been created to provide a special program of recognition, access, and engagement for nine additional supporters who each contribute a matching donation of $5,000.

Help us get the word out: Tweet about the Campaign using #CanadianCMF then follow us on twitter and like CAFE on facebook

Campaign Poster and The Disposable Man PSA Video in support of the Campaign:








BREAKING: Indiegogo campaign launched in support of the Canadian Centre for Men and Families. Visit the Indiegogo Page

Media Advisory: Canadian “Men’s Centre” Soon a Reality as Fundraising Nears Goal

Click here for the Matching Campaign media advisory

Read the Toronto Star article:Controversial Mens Rights Group Fundraising for a Centre for Men and Families

Read the Media Advisory: Campaign to Establish Toronto’s First “Men’s Centre” Receives Leading Donation: Canadian Association for Equality Announces “Founder’s Club” for $5,000 Level Donors

Find out more about the Campaign at the following links:


Campaign Launch Media Advisory

Public Launch Event with Lionel Tiger



Full project brief



On June 12, prominent Anthropologist Lionel Tiger joined the Canadian Association for Equality leadership to launch the Campaign to Establish the Canadian Centre for Men and Families at Screen Lounge in Toronto. Watch the video here.

lioneltigerLionel Tiger is a Canadian-born, American-based anthropologist. He is the Charles Darwin Professor of Anthropology at Rutgers University, a consultant to the U.S. Department of Defense on the future of biotechnology, contributor to Psychology Today and The New York Times, and the author of Men in Groups,

CCMF-LT1The Decline of Males, The Pursuit of Pleasure and The Manufacture of Evil: Ethics, Evolution, and the Industrial System.

As a Big Thinker speaker Tiger has also contributed to the

wider discussion of the changing relations between men and women. Professor Tiger, an authority on the sociological, cultural and anthropological study of gender – and an Advisory Fellow to CAFE –

CCMF-LT2provided a short address regarding the current status and wellbeing of men and women in our society.

Following this presentation, the Board of the Canadian Association for Equality will discuss the new Campaign, call for your feedback, and provide ways by which you can support this unprecedented initiative.






Dr. Lionel Tiger, author and anthropologist, Rutgers University

Dr. Warren Farrell, best-selling author and Pioneer in the men’s issues movement

Dr. Miles Groth, Editor of New Male Studies, Wagner College Psych Prof, and co-editor of Engaging College Males

Barbara Kay, National Post Columnist




metro_newsMetro News
tostarThe Toronto Star – Controversial Men’s Rights Group Fundraising for a Centre for Men and Families
gmpThe Good Men Project – Introducing Canada’s New Centre for Men and Families

Radio-LogoRadio Canada – La condition masculine
ontariotodayCBC Ontario Today – How has dad’s role changed?
Sun TV Menzmenzoid-morningsoid Mornings – The diminished role of the male
nationalpostNational Post – Leading expert on ‘maleness’ comes to Toronto to support ‘men’s centre’
thepulse_100x100Ontario AM980 The Pulse AUDIO: Dr. Lionel Tiger on “maleness” and the decline of masculinity
metro_newsMetro – Are women ‘studying for two?’

The Campaign to Establish the Canadian Centre for Men and Families has also been featured on the Ric Peterson Show (CJAD800), the Charles Adler Show on Sun TV, the John Oakley Show on AM640, Square Off on CHCH News, the Live Drive with John Tory on Newstalk 1010, and other outlets.




The Canadian Association for Equality has created a proposal describing the importance and urgency of this project. Please read below or Download the PDF version.


The mission of the Canadian Centre for Men and Families is to establish a space in Toronto that will provide services, research, outreach and public education on all aspects of issues related to boys, fathers, men and families through a network of community groups across the country dedicated to creating a better future for our sons and daughters through mutual understanding and compassion.


CCMF will build on and work in collaboration with existing groups dedicated to boys’ and men’s issues by providing a venue where organizations that share the overall mandate of the CCMF, including receptive and supportive women’s groups, may establish themselves and work together.


The Canadian Association for Equality (CAFE) will lead the Management Committee of the CCMF. The Management Committee will also be constituted of Advisors from related organizations.


The CCMF will distinguish itself in three critical ways:

* The CCMF will be dedicated to boys’ and men’s issues on their own terms and not approached through a particular ideological lens.

* The CCMF will focus on the breadth of boys’ and men’s issues, including:

  • The “Boys’ Crisis” (education, bullying, suicide) – Creating a new sense of purpose for our sons
  • Workplace Issues (e.g. workplace safety)
  • Educational and other resources to improve the mental and physical health of boys and men
  • Family Law and Fathers Issues
  • Empowering boys and men with communication skills rather than violence
  • Crime and Punishment/Legal Issues
  • Media, Social and Cultural Misandry
  • Academic Misandry (e.g. in Gender Studies and Culture Studies programs)

* The CCMF will work on these issues in depth by engaging in a wide variety of actions and activities all with a Canadian outlook and focus, including:

  • Large public educational events and conferences
  • Evidence-based research, policy writing, and engagement with the press
  • Multimedia, such as blogs, social media, and the broadcast of podcasts and videos
  • Social service provision
  • campus outreach to a growing network of university student groups
  • lending library
  • political action: meetings with politicians, protests, rallies


Target Fundraising Goal: $50,000 – $75,000

This range provides some options for financing the initial 2 years of this project:

Lower estimate (~$50,000):
– Office Option: 600 square feet on a major Toronto thoroughfare: $1000/month
– Part-time Executive Director: $1000/month

Higher estimate (~$75,000):
– Store-Front Option with more visibility and floor space: $1500/month
– Part-time Executive Director: $1000/month
– Additional operational, administrative and professional expenses: $500/month


In Memory of Earl Silverman

earlsilverman2Earl Silverman, a man with passion who had felt the personal trauma of partner abuse from his ex wife, hung himself on April 26, 2013 in the garage of his recently sold home. Earl had dedicated his life to raising awareness of male victims of Intimate Partner Violence (IPV). For 20 years Earl was a persistent force in lobbying governments at all levels to obtain funding for male victims of IPV. The Canadian Centre for Men and Families is driven by the goal of growing an institution that will give perpetual meaning to Earl’s life-long efforts.



CAFE has established a track record in successfully raising awareness and generating meaningful dialogue as well as fostering better awareness and understanding of boys’/men’s issues with intense media coverage and high attendance at the following diverse events in the last 15 months:

Dr. Katherine Young and Dr. Paul Nathanson
From Misogyny & Misandry to Intersexual Dialogue
Topic: Cultural and legal issues surrounding dender

Dr. Warren Farrell
Boys to Men: Transforming the Boys Crisis into our Sons’ Opportunities
Topic: Boys issues

Lionel Tiger
The Decline of Males
Topic: Cultural and anthropological issues related to gender

Barbara Kay
From Women’s Rights to Feminist Wrongs: Contempt for Men in Contemporary Societ
Topic: Fathers’ issues and family courts


Sample of CAFE Media Coverage

City TV  http://tinyurl.com/d6o7cuj
Huffington Post http://tinyurl.com/cq6ls6c
MacLeans http://tinyurl.com/obxq24t
CHCH TV http://tinyurl.com/o2dvsp5
Sun TV http://tinyurl.com/lcskbw4


Planning committee
Iain Dwyer
Egi Troka
Malcolm Johnston
Adam McPhee
Ryan Browne
Hilary Leehane
Andy Williams