A representative of the Men’s Issues Awareness Society and I had a meeting with the Office of the Vice Provost at the  University of Toronto to discuss the events of November 16th. Part of what their office does is work with student groups to ensure controversial events run smoothly.

We are very pleased with how the meeting went, and look forward to working with their office to ensure that the right to assembly of all members of our community are respected. They also made us aware of a statement they have published on their home page regarding the event.

They obviously wanted to stay non-committal about their own views on both groups (us and the protesters) but they did reassure us that they are in complete support of our right to assemble and speak freely.  Like us, they were surprised at the actions of some of the protesters that night.

We asked them if there would be any consequences, academic or otherwise, for the protesters who had behaved in ways that we believe violate the U of T Code of Conduct . We were told that their office does not actively seek out students who have breached the code of conduct, and only responds to specific complaints.  If there are any people who went to the event who wish to file a harassment or assault claim with the office, visit their contact page for information.

We look forward to continuing to provide quality educational  events where we encourage debate and disagreement, and where all people have the right to enter – and exit – without harassment.

Look for our announcement in the coming weeks.