Violence Against Aboriginal Boys and Men Will be Featured in TVO Coverage Tonight Following Joint Efforts by CAFE and Partners

A couple of weeks ago CAFE released a media advisory: National Charity for Men Demands Inclusion of Male Aboriginals in Public Inquiry. We were immediately contacted by TVO’s The Agenda. They wanted our help in order to give fair coverage to the sidelined issue of violence against Aboriginal boys and men in an upcoming episode on the call for a public inquiry into murdered and missing Aboriginal women.

We put out a request for information and spokespeople who could address this vital issue. Many of you responded, connecting us with researchers, sociologists and social workers, and we now have plans for a variety of related speaking events and interviews on EqualityCanadaTV. A special thanks to Grant Waldman of the West Coast Men’s Support Society who also connected us with Glenn Nolan.

Glenn is a member of the Missanabie Cree First Nation and was chief of the community for 9 years. He is a mining executives, currently Vice President of Aboriginal Affairs for Nortont Resources out of Thunder Bay.

CAFE is thrilled to announce that we were able to successfully work with our members and reps from partner organizations to get Glenn added to the panel tonight explicitly to address violence against boys and men, ensuring the cause of all vulnerable members of the Aboriginal community is given the attention it deserves.

For full information on tonight’s episode of The Agenda, and to watch the program after it has aired, click here.

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