CAFE is Gearing Up for Legal Action Against Police Agencies That Fail Men and Children
Are you tired of hearing about police ridiculing male victims of violence or arresting innocent men while leaving children with dangerous female aggressors? So are we.

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“…When the police showed up I was bleeding from my forehead and had bruises on my chest. The police kicked me out and left my kids with their abusive mother…”
“…the police didn’t even talk to my witnesses who saw her beat me many times.”
“police and social services were ready to remove the male victim from the home and leave the children in the care of the female perpetrator
“I was punched, bitten, scratched as well as verbally & mentally abused. I called the police when assaulted, but they laughed at me and did nothing.”
These are the stories I hear every day at the Canadian Centre for Men and Families. Well enough is enough.

CAFE is working to build a legal case against police and social service agencies who ignore male victims, refuse to grant men equal access to justice and arrest innocent men, leaving children in the hands of violent women.
Want to help abused men and protect defenceless children?
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Justin Trottier

Executive Director, Canadian Centre for Men and Families
CEO, Canadian Association for Equality