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Who is Fighting for Men: a special segment on news and commentary related to current affairs touching on men’s issues (Pendulum Effect Ep12)

“It is important to realize that while men have, given their lives in this case, to women’s rights, it would also be nice to see women standing up for men’s rights”

-Michael Payton, Cognitive Science Researcher, York University

The Pendulum Effect is excited to welcome to our team Michael Payton
who will be regularly contributing a special segment on news and
commentary related to current affairs touching on men’s issues.

A recent university graduate, Michael is engaged in fascinating
research on ethical behaviour and moral intuitions at York University
in Toronto. He’s also worked as a research intern at Harvard and MIT.
In 2008 he was ranked in the top ten debaters in Canada and the top
30 in North America. Michael is also an active public spokesperson –
having appeared on numerous TV and radio stations like CBC Radio, the
John Moore Show and CTS Television for various political organizations
such as the Canadian Secular Alliance.

Today’s show will strictly feature our first news segment from Michael Payton.

Look for a combination of news and interviews starting with our next
episode, which will include an interview with the Vice President of
Development of the newly branded and much expanded Prostate Cancer
Canada, Canada’s single largest organization dedicated to public
education, research and fundraising into the greatest male cancer

So Michael, what’s new?

Interested in the news articles mentioned in this episode?

Who is Fighting for Men’s Rights

George Jonas: Where killers and abortionists meet

Woman guilty of GO rage

Hype on violence against men is a cruel case of reversal of facts

Are Kenyan men on the road to emancipation?

Parental alienation cases draining court resources

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