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As a journalist with a decade’s experience in researching and writing about the “gender wars,” I am continually amazed at our cultural indifference to the real and specific health and social problems that afflict boys and men, such as fatherlessness, suicide and custody bias. What I admire about CAFE is the maturity and sobriety its highly accredited and gender-balanced board brings to the educational and support programs it sponsors to combat that indifference. Shunning adversarial strategies, CAFE’s goal is gender equality through cooperation and mutual respect. I am proud to be associated with CAFE, whose intelligent and effective community outreach is achieving positive public awareness and substantive mainstream collaborations in addressing the legitimate concerns of Canadian boys and men.
– Barbara Kay

As a registered psychologist, over the years I’ve counselled/coached many men dealing with life stress, unexpected change and relationship troubles. A fair number of those troubled men in distress have been as a result of domestic dissonance, even spousal abuse at times, and seemingly unfair treatment by the court system that lead to custody bias and parental alienation. A couple years ago I decided to take a more public stand for men/boys and their dilemmas in today’s culture. A central way I have done that is by donating/supporting the Canadian Association for Equality and its highly successful and helpful social services facility the Canadian Centre for Men and Families. CAFE/CCMF are dedicated to improving the lives of men/boys in our Canadian culture and with my donations and support I stand with them in their outreach programs, public awareness events and mental health initiatives.
– Dan McKinnon

If you are concerned about fairness and truth in a world where governments talk about evidence-based decision making but then adopt the complete opposite approach, you should donate to CAFE. CAFE is the voice of reasoned response to a legal and policy regime which is biased towards men. I know my tax deductible donation assists an organization which uses those dollars well.
– The Honourable Roger Gallaway

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