Daniel Drache, professor emeritus at York University makes the argument that ‘crackpots’ should not have the right to freedom of speech and freedom assembly at Canadian universities.
Among the groups of ‘crackpots’ he includes ‘men’s issues groups’.
His rational for denying ‘men’s issues groups’ freedom of speech — “It makes little sense to sensationalize these occasions since all these issues are studied and debated in depth in seminars, essays and the curriculum”  writes Drache.

Thankfully Barbara Kay with her usual common sense has an opposing view.

Is it ironic that this article contains the kind of hate (not to mention slander) that would be censored by Drache’s own criteria, on top of of which it condones as a fair limit on free speech the disruption of events, which is the exact behaviour practiced not by men’s issues groups but by our opponents?